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Sunset over the Tucson Mountains

It’s 110 degrees in Tucson and somehow the heat hasn’t worn me out, but rather, it has inspired me to sit in the air conditioning and start my blog. I’m a newbie to blogging, but have been involved in the photography world for over 33 years, so hopefully I can figure out this cyber-techno stuff and share some thoughts on photography. I’ll get to that in subsequent posts, but thought I should start by letting you know a little bit about my history and relationship to the medium. I come from a family of creative types. My paternal grandmother was a poet & opera singer, my maternal grandfather a printer, stained glass artist, frame maker and darkroom lab tech, my father a music educator, my mother an art teacher, silversmith and enamalist, my uncle a painter, another uncle a fine art photographer, cartoonist and art director, and the list goes on. I began my studies in photography, through the inspiration of my uncle Louis (www.LouisDunn.com) at the age of 13. By the time I was 17, I was taking my first paying freelance jobs. Those first clients were very trusting souls, even if I was pretty good for just a kid! My portfolio was in the National Scholastic Arts competition and did well enough to earn me scholarships to the Savannagh College of Art & Design and to the University of Arizona, where I chose to attend from 1981 to 1986, at which time I earned a BFA in Photography. I established Martha Lochert Photography in 1985 and had the good fortune during those first few years in business to also work part-time running the black and white darkroom for advertising photography guru Balfour Walker,  who taught me all about studio lighting techniques. I jumped into full-time freelance photography on my own in 1989 and have been blessed in being able to support a family with the creative expression from which I draw such passion, without having to suppliment my income with a “day job.”

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Hi Martha,
    I love the ducks! I also love the fact that you knew what you were passionate way back when and had the opportunity and the gifts to go along with it.

    Looking forward to more posts,


  2. 33 years! Wow! I was jealous of the fact that you knew what you wanted to do with your life. I remember when at 10 years of age (or was it younger?), when you got your Instamatic 110 camera. You took great pictures with that little thing! You’re siblings are also extremely creative! Thank you for sharing I love it!


  3. Hi my sister 🙂
    This is interesting to hear your story in your own words and the photos with commentary are delightful. I’ve long observed that your balance of technical expertise, creativity and ease with people (when they are your subjects) have always seemed to flow naturally. You definitely chose the right field – or the right field chose you – and I love that you’re having fun with it!


  4. Thanks for sharing your photographs and thoughts about how dedicated you are to your passion. Great photograph of Walter Cronkite. He was the best.



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