Alligator Bread

Man baking alligator shaped breadI’m a bread lover: sourdough, rye, wheat, multi-grain, anything but doughy lifeless plain white bread – the heartier the better. I thank my mother for that. She never once packed my lunch box with a white bread sandwich. Unlike all the other kids at my elementary school in the late 60’s and early 70’s, my sandwiches were on wheat bread. Not the great whole grain wheats of today, but at least they were wheat. I’ve carried that on in my own children’s lunch boxes and taken it one step further, by having them grow up with only whole grain and multi grain bread in the house and packing a lunch for them every day until they graduated high school. My daughter’s friends were jealous that she had a mother who would still make her lunch everyday. My son’s friends, being the boys they are, give him some ribbing for the “cute little containers” I put the foods into, but he loathes the idea of school food and having to wait in line for it, and so appreciates the lunches too. Anyway, I digress …

Being the bread lover that I am, imagine my excitement when walking to the north end of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco I happened upon this baker in the window of Boudin Sourdough. Not only was it fresh bread, but “fun” bread being created by a bread artist! Of course, I made this picture of him and then proceeded to go in for lunch. What a great strategy to place the baker in the storefront window as a way of drawing patrons into their restaurant for a hot bread bowl of clam chowder (or veggie salad, as was my choice) on a rainy San Francisco day. Next time you’re on the wharf, stroll to the north end and experience it for yourself. This, by the way, is not a paid endorsement, but rather, a free endorsement by a happy bread enthusiast!

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