What we photographers will do…

Photographing road killSometimes my job as photographer is very glamorous. I get dressed up and photograph black tie events with distinguished guests such as Henry Kissinger, Shimon Perez, President Bill Clinton, his Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr. Maya Angelou, etcetera.

Then there are the other photography sessions – the ones that are, shall we say,  a bit less glamorous. For those, I don’t dress up. In fact, for those I wear clothing in which I don’t mind wallowing around in mud or on asphalt, because to create a photograph which tells the best story, sometimes one has to get right in there in the muck of things.

As my friend George has said about me: Martha is a good photography mentor because “first, she is willing to go to great lengths to photograph her subjects, second, she isn’t afraid do get dirty, and third….she doesn’t embarrass easily.” 

As humorous as that commentary is, it is actually quite true, as is evidenced by this and many other less than flattering photos she has acquired of me during our photo excursions together!

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