Saguaros and the Night Sky


A thirty second exposure and about twenty manual bursts of an off-camera flash was used to make this photo, which was created from out of the darkness of the very secluded community of Saguaro Ranch in far northwest Tucson. Beyond the glare of the city lights and traffic, this is a most peaceful place where stars shine brightly. The silence is only broken by the sound of crickets and the occasional howling of a coyote. Some see the desert as dry and barren, but I see it as richly diverse. The tough part can be making it through the 110 degree summer daytime highs, but I’ve been a desert dweller my whole life and am not only used to the dry heat, but thrive in it. For those who are not so comfortable in the daytime heat of the Sonora Desert, try exploring the desert at night, where it brings on a magical reality. Watch out for snakes, though!


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