San Francisco Bay


Though I don’t get there often, San Francisco is one of my favorite places. I live in the Sonora Desert. The temperatures are upwards of 114 degrees in the summer and the landscape, though I love it, is an overall brown color. So a place like San Francisco with blue water, green vegetation and cooler temperatures is a welcome change. Although ironically there are apparently more boats per capita in Arizona than in other states, a boat dock is not a common sight since water is so sparse.  We do have some lakes to which we desert dwellers like to escape, but in general we are a dry state with very low relative humidity. When we think of a marina we are thinking of  a distant vacation destination!

I created this watercolor photograph of the marina flanking San Francisco Bay during a trip I took with my daughter in the winter of 2007. If you look very carefully you can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

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