Bird’s Eye View – Northwestern Cochise County


It’s funny how one’s perception of the land is so different from ground view. I’ve driven past these land formations all my life. They span to the south of I-10 just west of the town of Benson in Cochise County, Arizona. In the distance is Mt. Wrightson in the Santa Rita Mountains. As a child, I drove past them do the “big shopping day” commute from Tombstone to Tucson before we moved to Tucson in 1968, then every summer in the back of the family station wagon on our way to Deming, New Mexico to visit my paternal grandparents. With the variation in vegetation travelling into the high desert altitudes,  it was never as boring as the drive between Tucson and Phoenix, but still it was not a  memorable ride  (except for the back seat antics of my siblings along the way!) It wasn’t until I was hanging out of an open-sided helicopter on my way back from shooting aerial photographs of Benson’s San Pedro Golf Course for an advertising campaign that I realized how wonderful and different the terrain was from a bird’s eye view. The texture, erosion patterns and soft rippling effect was something of a surprise to me. A change in perspective changes everything. Now, as I drive past this area I visualize what the area really looks like, as opposed to the flat, sun-beaten look it has from the ground view.


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  1. I SOOO want your job!! This sounds like it was awesome!! And of course you take such awesome photos…

    Question – do you use digital or film? Just curious.



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