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On a trip to The Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA this summer I happened upon this lovely little old man named John in the Prestogeorge Fine Foods store ( The smell of the coffee beans drew me into the store and the old time feel of the shop with it’s weathered wood floor and low tech environment kept me there long enough to I watched him for a few minutes as he lovingly served his customers and ground the particular coffee beans they had chosen from the dozens upon dozens on display with the kind of customer service and pride in one’s work which used to be the norm, but has unfortunately fallen by the wayside in the modern work force. When I asked him if he minded me making a picture of him, he happily grabbed his scoop and struck a pose!

If you find yourself in Pittsburgh, make a point of spending at least a half a day in The Strip District. It’s a wonderful area of specialty store shopping, delicatessen, sausage companies and dining heavily represented by Italian American run businesses. Prestogeorge Fine Foods is right in the heart of the district at 1728 Penn Ave.


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  2. Google Alerts brought up your train track photo and the Croce…next was this, from my town – have been in Prestogeorge and been the fortunate recipient of John’s grin. How’d a ‘Zona girl end up where she could smell even Great Coffee in the Strip? Thanks for coming by, and the words and photos ! Bob C.


    • My man is from Steubenville, Ohio – just over the Ohio river due west of Pittsburgh by about 40 miles. We go back to visit his elderly father every summer for a week. This summer we took a day and headed up to The Strip with some of his friends who still live in the area. They are all second generation Italian Americans, so we had a blast in their “turf” with the Italian Sausage companies and delis. The running joke is “four guys and a woman go into a sausage factory…” I’m still waiting for the punch line! Prestogeorge was so charming, I just had to post it in my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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