Pollen Fest


This morning started with my normal routine: get up, feed the dogs, open my son’s bed room door and say “good morning, Aaron; time to get up,” make his lunch for school, let the dogs out, water the plants on my porch, open the door again “Aaron, open your eyes,” check my email, make my bed, open the door a third time (this time leaving it open) “Aaron, you have to get up now,” mentally plan my day, shower, let the dogs back in the house, “Aaron – up – NOW. We’re leaving in ten minutes”  …

It’s an annoying little routine, but I know I’ll miss it when he leaves for college in the fall!

Today was a bit different, though. Between the third and fourth attempts to awaken the sleep deprived child, I went to the back yard to look at some blossoms on the trees. There I witnessed a pollenation orgy in progress by what looked to be about five or six hundred honey bees. They were too busy with their work to mind me sticking my macro lens an inch away from their faces, so I snapped away about fifty or sixty pictures, of which this is one.  With the decline in the honey bee population, I was very pleased to see the plethoric activity in my little corner of the world.



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