Raku You


Yesterday I photographed some of the newest raku pieces of Arizona ceramic artist Joni Pevarnik. She’s one of my favorite clients because we usually laugh and carry on with sheer silliness through the entire photo session. I’ve easily spent six or seven times more money on her functional stoneware and ceramic pottery than I’ve earned in photography fees from her, but that’s OK! Her stuff is fantastic.  We eat off her dishes, drink coffee and tea from her mugs, read books by the light of her lamps & enjoy wall hung pieces scattered throughout the house. These decorative wall plates are examples of raku, a process which uses copper in the glaze. The piece is fired to 1700 degrees fahrenheit then placed in a combustible material. The smoke reacts with the copper glaze and creates the wonderful hues of color.

Her work can be seen at The Artists Gallery and Echo Canyon Art in Flagstaff:



At Wildflower Village in Reno, Nevada


and as part of various shows and art sales in Tucson, Arizona. Look for her in Tucson this December 11,12 & 13 at the winter 4th Avenue Street Fair.


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