Rusty Steel “Greenhouse”

President Obama just finished giving his first State of the Union address. Our economy is bad, our unemployment is high, and yet, we are a people of hope and optimism. As I listened to his speech I thought about this photograph I made in Ohio last summer of a tenacious little plant. In the midst of the rust and decay of the old bridge, it was thriving.  Though the circumstances were dismal, it made due with what it had and adapted. I see it as an allegory for  the American people. Times are hard, but we will make it through; we will survive and prosper once again because when given lemons we make lemonade.

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One thought on “Rusty Steel “Greenhouse”

  1. i remember this photo!
    i remember freaking out that it was one of the supports of the bridge!

    but now that you put it this way…wellllll….”good luck little plant. and…good luck to who ever is on the bridge!”

    great photo. i bet many people never even notice the details you see.


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