Springtime in February

It’s Valentine’s Day; the middle of February. There’s another five weeks of winter, but today was like a beautiful spring day in Tucson. We’ve had some cold wet days lately, but today was sunny and calm with a high temperature of seventy four degrees. Yippee!

This photo is of the succulent aloe ferox (Bitter Aloe) flowering as though spring has arrived. Doesn’t the rich color make you cold weather folks feel warm just looking at it?

My blog template automatically generates the background color based on the colors in the photo. When I first saw it I thought “What? Pink with such an orange photo?” but since it is Valentine’s Day, I guess it will be OK!  May you see the goodness of love in all it’s expressions on this and every day.

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One thought on “Springtime in February

  1. Interesting about the blog template choosing a background color. This one on my computer kind of neutralizes the orange (it looks mauve-ish). Kind of like picking out a matte for for framing . It’s an interesting note and something I’ll be paying attention to in addition to the image, of course. Color is really interesting to a geek painter like myself.


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