Tombstone Roses

I saw this gorgeous Tombstone Rose at the Tucson Botanical Gardens yesterday when I was there to photograph a high school senior for her graduation announcements. It’s a great time to visit the museum since the temperature is perfect and the spring blooms are in full force. The “Butterfly Magic” exhibit is still going on too. See […]

Comedian Richard Lewis

With forty years in the business sixty-two year old comedian Richard Lewis still has what it takes to entertain a crowd, as seen in this photo from a show at Centennial Hall in Tucson. He was this year’s performer at the annual Hillel Foundation ( fundraiser. If you see him, be ready to stay engaged as you try […]

Honey Bees of Spring

It’s officially Spring and the honey bees are already busy pollinating the flowers and collecting their treasure to take back to the hive. This little guy has been busy visiting the blue lupines, as you can see by the orange pollen sacks on the tibia of his back legs. By the time he finishes with his work those […]

Rillito River Walk

Spring is almost here and the weather in Tucson is delightful. Last evening my friend George and I took advantage of the perfect temperature and road our mountain bikes from her house to the bicycling/walking paths which flank the usually dry-as-a-bone Rillito  River. We’ve had an unusually wet winter; however, so the river is still flowing. Lots of people […]


We haven’t had a particularly cold winter in Tucson, but I’m still looking forward to the end of the season and the beginning of Spring because that means we can start taking some excursions to create images of little critters so tiny one needs a macro lens to capture them, like this half-inch long grasshopper nymph I photographed in […]

Household Hazardous Waste

Saturday morning I photographed a B’Nai Mitzvah rehearsal then switched gears and scooted over to Eastside City Hall to document the monthly collection of household hazardous waste in Tucson, Arizona for the Environmental Services Department to use on their web site. Our city has three outreach sites (Eastside City Hall at 7575 E. Speedway, Tucson Water Plant #2 at 1102 W. […]