Household Hazardous Waste

Saturday morning I photographed a B’Nai Mitzvah rehearsal then switched gears and scooted over to Eastside City Hall to document the monthly collection of household hazardous waste in Tucson, Arizona for the Environmental Services Department to use on their web site. Our city has three outreach sites (Eastside City Hall at 7575 E. Speedway, Tucson Water Plant #2 at 1102 W. Irvington & at Pusch Ridge Christian Church 440 W. Calle Concordia), in addition to the main collection center at 2440 W. Sweetwater Drive. Every month on the first Saturday morning from eight to noon citizens may properly dispose  their hazardous materials at the drop-off stations. They have a very organized and efficient system where friendly volunteers do all the unloading; all one has to do is pull one’s car through and pop the trunk. They collect, among other things: car batteries, all non-alkaline batteries (you can dispose alkaline ones in the trash), cans of paint, all aerosol cans, light bulbs, motor oil, anti-freeze, solvents and electronic equipment. They do not take prescription medication, but have information about how to dispose of those items. In addition to the monthly collections there are three landfills and two transfer stations which collect anti-freeze, batteries, oil and paint throughout the week.

For more information or to volunteer call (520) 888-6947 or visit their web site at:

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