Rillito River Walk

Spring is almost here and the weather in Tucson is delightful. Last evening my friend George and I took advantage of the perfect temperature and road our mountain bikes from her house to the bicycling/walking paths which flank the usually dry-as-a-bone Rillito  River. We’ve had an unusually wet winter; however, so the river is still flowing.

Lots of people were enjoying the paths while kids (and an occasional dog)  played in the water and a horse or two trotted in the sand. It was a pleasant sight at this time of year, but during the monsoon rains use of the riverbed is not recommended due to flash floods, which can suddenly bring a ten foot wall of water through the dry riverbed with such speed one has no time to flee to higher ground. I wish the river was ever-flowing, but after the rain water and melting snow finish their journey down from the surrounding mountains the water will be gone until the next big rain.

The paths extend for miles, so if you haven’t ever checked them out, now’s the time, while the water enhances the experience. Throw your tennies in the car and head to one of the parking areas adjacent to the path, if you don’t live close enough to walk or pedal to the Rillito. We accessed the path from where Tucson Blvd. ends on the south side of the river, but there are many access points (with parking)  from which to choose.

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