Volkswagen Owners Unite!

Remember your first Volkswagen? I had a 1971 Fastback when I was in college and for a couple of years after, until I bought my first brand new car: a 1987 Honda Accord, which I still have 190,000 miles later!

These cute little Beetles were all gathering at an eastside Sonic Drive-In for a VW clubs get-together sponsored by Chirco Automotive, which specializes in Volkswagen parts & service.

My eighteen year old son just bought the 1966 burgundy one in the foreground and is having a ball fixing it up. Now when I open my garage door I get a whiff of that distinctive VW smell and I’m carried back to my youth!

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One thought on “Volkswagen Owners Unite!

  1. mine was a very soft green and l can still hear the little putt putt sound of the engine harkening back from 1975 🙂


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