Happy Summer!

It’s the first day of summer. Time to pack up the family or friends and head to the beach, the mountains, the national parks or the amusement parks – anywhere to get away and have fun. Leave your cares behind, but please be safe in your travels and enjoy the summer. Image copyrighted. Reproduction and any use prohibited […]

Dreaming of Cooler Places

Yeah, baby …  it’s 105 degrees and dry as a bone, but  seeing a Shamu drive by on  a hot Phoenix freeway sure makes a person feel like it’s cooler  than that! Kudos to Sea World (www.SeaWorld.com) for such a creative and effective marketing tool. Photo copyright Martha Lochert. Reproduction prohibited without licensing. http://www.MarthaLochertPhotography.com

Woolly Daisy

The yellow woolly daisy (Eriophyllum wallecei) is a diminutive plant in the sunflower family with half-inch wide heads that bloom from March through June in the desert washes and open sandy soil of the southwest United States and northern Mexico. I photographed these after sunset with a macro lens, a dragged shutter (to show ambient light in the sky), […]