Lady Beetle

Last night was “black lighting for moths” night at Gardner Canyon. I wanted to capture a variety of insects before sunset along the creek bed like I did last year. The monsoon rains haven’t kicked in; however, so the stream was dry and the bugs were sparse. I did find this little gem on a Desert Willow tree later in the evening. He is a Hyperaspis proba, in the lady beetle family.

I made this photo about 9:30 PM with a 60 mm macro lens on a hand-held Canon 50D camera. ISO was 3200, shutter speed 1/100th sec. and aperture f6.3. The headlamp of one of my friends held about eight inches above the beetle was the light source.

Image copyrighted. Reproduction prohibited without proper licensing from Martha Lochert.

4 thoughts on “Lady Beetle

  1. Yes, a friend who will trek out in search of bugs knowing that they might run into mosquitoes, snakes and skunks in pursuit of the perfect moment is a friend indeed. Great image! Thanks for the inspiration.


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