Remembering the Children

Today was the 12th annual Tee Up For Tots Golf Tournament, which raises money for pediatric cancer research and family support services. I’ve been honored to  donate my services all twelve years to this event, founded by clients of mine whose daughter Courtney died from neuroblastoma at age four. This photo shows Courtney’s sister Jenna and her mother Kathy Zillman releasing the memorial balloons for she and the other victims of pediatric cancers. This has become a tradition at the tournament before the start of play and keeps us all focused on why the tournament exists.

The Steele Children’s Research Center, housed on the campus of University Medical Center at the University of Arizona,  uses the funds Tee Up for Tots raises to purchase high-tech equipment and support doctoral fellows as they do research, as well as offer a variety of things the families need as they go through diagnosis and treatment for their beloved children.

An exciting breakthrough was mentioned today by Dr. Ghishan, director of the Steele Center, at the opening ceremony. He said that there is a vaccine to prevent some forms of pediatric cancer, which is now going to clinical trials. Let’s hope and pray that it proves successful.

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