Diggin’ the Desert in Fall

It’s a beautiful time of year in southern Arizona. The high temperatures have dropped to the mid-seventies and the light has become distinctly autumnal as the days are getting shorter. We desert-dwellers are enjoying incredible hiking, biking, running,  barbecuing and basically “anything outside” weather! Image copyrighted. Use and/or reproduction prohibited without licensing from Martha Lochert.

Cookie-cutter Lives

We all live independent lives with schedules, relationships and opinions that are unique to our existence, but when viewed from a bird’s-eye perspective, the bigger picture emerges and it becomes apparent how interconnected, dependent and essentially the same we all are as a community. Image copyrighted. Reproduction and use prohibited without proper licensing from Martha Lochert.

Cooling Desert Temperatures

As we move into fall, the cooler evening temperatures in the desert southwest make for some terrific hiking conditions. This photo is from Saguaro National Park West http://www.nps.gov/sagu. Arrive before sunset, while the gates are still open and enjoy a hike, a photo excursion, a bike ride or just a drive through with the windows down. Image […]