Oak Creek

Oak Creek Canyon, which sits just north of the picturesque red rock town of Sedona, Arizona, is cut by the waters of Oak Creek. As with any creek, there are times throughout the year when the waters are low and others when the waters crest. Arizona experiences monsoon rains which temporarily swell all washes and riverbeds. Oak Creek is no exception, but this creek also has high waters in the spring as the snow in Flagstaff and northern Arizona melts and makes its way into the creek.

This photo is of Oak Creek in late September after the summer monsoon rains. Exposure: 1/8 second at f18 and ISO 100 with the camera on a tripod. This image was made early in the session when the light was still fairly bright, though subdued. The longer I shot the lower the light levels became and the more I was able to use slower and slower shutter durations to create a more glass-like interpretation of the water through the capture of motion. Usually I prefer more motion  shown, but in this composition I thought the better image was the one which showed some motion, yet still maintained some crispness to the water, thereby making the strength and power of the water more evident.

Image registered with U.S. Office of Copyright. Reproduction prohibited without licensing from Martha Lochert.

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