Motoring Mummy

It seems to me that most of the people I know either love Halloween (because of the fantasy and fun of dressing up as someone or something else) or they hate and want nothing to do with it (because they perceive it glorifies evil, death and Satan).

I’ve met very few people who are neutral on the subject. I am one of those individuals. I can see why some people enjoy the day and why others despise it. I can take it or leave it. I have fun handing out candy to the children, but don’t need to go to Halloween parties or events at bars.

To those who love Halloween – have fun, be safe and watch out for mummies cruising around on the tops of automobiles while you are on the road!

Image copyrighted. Usage prohibited without licensing from Martha Lochert.

2 thoughts on “Motoring Mummy

  1. I’m neutral about it too. Don’t really care. I could go without it. At least until Emma catches on to it! I have a couple of years to go before I have to at least make an EFFORT to make a deal about it! 😉


  2. Martha, I hope you can photograph Dia de los Muertos one day, in LA. You would absolutely love it! I thought of you today – cameras everywhere and camera-worthy sites to see. Any time you want to come, let me know.

    I’m like you – can take Halloween or leave it. After today I want to go back next year with my face painted and flowers in my hair.


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