Dr. Jack Copeland

This week University Medical Center announced cardiac surgeon Dr. Robert S. Poston and Dr. Warren C. Breidenbach (who led the Kentucky team who performed the first hand transplant in the United States) will be joining the UMC Department of Surgery.

Dr. Poston will be replacing Dr. Jack Copeland as the chief of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. Dr. Copeland left the UA in June for University of California – San Diego to become a professor of cardiac surgery in their new La Jolla-based Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center.

It was my honor to photograph Dr. Copeland in 2003 for an article in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine.

Dr. Copeland started at the University in 1977, became a professor of surgery in 1981, the co-director of the University Heart Center www.heart.arizona.edu in 1991 (renamed in 1998 as the Sarver Heart Center), a Michael Drummond Distinguished Professor of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery and is well-known as the surgeon for Arizona’s first artificial heart transplant in 1979.

San Diego has already experienced his expertise. Within weeks of arriving, Dr. Copeland changed out a total artificial heart that had been in place for nine months – something that had never been done.

UMC and Tucson were blessed to have such a gifted surgeon care for its patients for some thirty-three years. Thank you, Dr. Copeland.

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