Race for the Cure – Tucson

Today I was up at 5:30 AM preparing for my annual in-kind photography donation to the Susan G. Komen Tucson affiliate’s 13th annual Race for the Cure.  www.komensaz.org  This photo taken from a scissor lift above the starting line and shows a small section of the over 10,000 participants who showed up despite a cold morning left over from a rainy day yesterday.

I’ve donated my services for at least the last ten races. It’s always exhausting, but always an emotionally rewarding day. This year I have several friends who are battling the disease, so it’s hitting a bit closer to home than usual.

At the closing ceremonies this year we were reminded that this is not just a women’s disease as we listened to the son of a man who lost his battle with breast cancer this year. That man, his father, spoke at last years’ event, so it was a particularly poignant moment for all in attendance.

Please support Susan G. Komen www.Komen.org and the research they fund by giving a bit of your hard-earned dollars to their organization.

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