Be a Good Steward or Stay Out

The current state of the Horseshoe Two, Wallow and other fires devastating Arizona, is a reminder to be appreciative of  the beauty that surrounds us, which is fragile and fleeting.

Yesterday all 1,780,000 acres of Coronado National Forest

was officially closed, which includes the Catalina Mountains shown in the background of this photo.

Between the extremely dry air conditions and the carelessness of people with their cigarettes and campfires (all the current fires were man-made), the danger is just too high, so they’ve closed it all down until the extreme fire danger has passed. And now, those same irresponsible individuals may legally use fireworks, as a new law this year has opened the door to their sale and use. Just yesterday local firefighters had to squelch a small fire started by fireworks. Why, in such a dry state this law passed is beyond me.

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