Give Me Three Grains of Sand and I’ll Grow

I have a few close friends who struggle through life just to make ends meet. They aren’t lazy or unmotivated people. They work hard, are full of great ideas, have fantastic people skills, and are generous to others, but somehow survival is a constant struggle. Yet they do survive – and with joy in their hearts. Sure, they have their down times, but through it all they have been able to maintain a hopeful heart, a gratitude for life and an attitude that is not embittered. If I had only one word to describe them it would be tenacious. So I dedicate this little tenacious plant growing in a slab of granite to them. It has decided to ignore the circumstances and thrive despite the obstacles. It has decided to take the few grains of sand it was given and put out roots amidst the impermeable granite which surrounds it. It has chosen to survive.

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