The house needs a little work, but the views are fantastic …

I recently took a trip through the northeastern part of California, travelling back home through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I was in awe of the beauty of this space. Snow-capped mountains sat majestically soaking up the mid-day sun, no tourists eyes gazing upon them except those of my travelling companion and me. We came upon this dilapidated old house, which may have been an eye-sore to others who passed it, but to a couple of photographers like us it was a treasure.

I couldn’t help but wonder about the history of this poor abandoned house. Was it a rancher’s home? Did children once run freely on the expanse of this beautiful land? Did the owner live for decades in this house and have no heirs to leave it to or did they come upon hard times and have to leave this beautiful place? All I knew was that at some earlier, simpler time this was a quaint little home amid the grandeur of the picturesque mountain ranges, far from the gazing eyes of any neighbors – and I  was somewhat envious.

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