He’s a fly not a bee …

On a recent “macro-ing” trip to Mt. Lemmon my friend and I encountered this unique-looking creature, which is a fly, not a bee. We spent a long time following this little guy from plant to plant trying to photograph him as he went about his business. This particular fly with the orange body and stiff protruding […]

Beetle in the Grass

Call me a nerd. Sunday I spent a wonderful day at Mt. Lemmon with my friend Jim. He has a new camera system, so we went “macro-ing” for tiny wildflowers and whatever wee little critters we could find. After a few hours hiking around, joyful in the treasures we had captured with our macro lenses, we joined […]

Sunset Beauty Moment

White Prickly Poppy (Argemone mexicana) or “Cowboy’s Egg” at sunset in Gardner Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains of southern Arizona. 1/125 second at f 7.1 – ISO 3200 with diffused fill-flash All parts of this year-round bloomer, known by the Aztecs as “nourishment for the dead”  have psychoactive properties. Shamans used it for journeys to […]