Beetle in the Grass

Call me a nerd. Sunday I spent a wonderful day at Mt. Lemmon with my friend Jim. He has a new camera system, so we went “macro-ing” for tiny wildflowers and whatever wee little critters we could find. After a few hours hiking around, joyful in the treasures we had captured with our macro lenses, we joined the crowd at the last “Music on the Mountain” outdoor concert of the season at Summerhaven.

It was a festive event, the weather was gorgeous and it became somewhat of a reunion running into so many people we knew from past jobs, high school and family members too. Most people were kicked back enjoying the music, chatting with friends over a beer or glass of wine or dancing to the band  Chuck Wagon and the Wheelchairs.

What was I doing? I was spotting  and photographing a quarter-inch Pleasing Fungus Beetle crawling in some blades of wild grass next to the band’s tent. Apparently I caught the curious eye of a lot of onlookers who wondered what the heck I was doing, since they couldn’t see what I was seeing. I did enjoy the people, the band, the cool weather and the company of my friend, but the bug-loving nerd in me still shown through! I blame it on the influence of my friend George, her entomologist friends and my “charismatic microfauna” loving friend Chip! 🙂

Image captured at 1/100th of a second and f/3.2 at ISO 200 with a Canon 60mm 2.8 macro lens (hand-held). Subject to lens distance was about  two inches.

Photo registered with U.S. Office of Copyright. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert.

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