Happy Feather Tree

My Feather Tree (Chilean Mesquite Tree) is in bloom. I’m happy. I have pampered three of these extremely slow-growing thorn-less mesquite hybrids from seed for about six years now and this one is only about two feet tall.

They are a deciduous plant, so every winter they drop their leaves. Hearty to ten to fifteen degrees fahrenheit, they are usually fine, but two winters ago we had three days in a row of fifteen degree lows (unheard of in Tucson, Arizona) and it did a number on the poor things. I think they are finally recovering and will have a good growing season this year.

Research I’ve done always indicates these are fast growing, but none of mine have been, nor have the two a friend has grown for the same time period. Supposedly they can get to thirty feet tall. At this rate, we will both be dead and gone by that time! They will be a source of joy at whatever size until then, though!

Image copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert


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