And the music plays on …

Four years ago today my father passed away. He was a piano and vocal music educator for forty-two years and for at least seventy-six of the eighty-two years his life spanned, he played the piano.

His accomplishments included being the piano accompanist for the Von Trapp Family’s Stowe Singers in Stowe, VT. when he was just 19 years old, starting the music programs in many school districts across the country, judicating the All-State Vocal competitions, directing numerous high school, middle school and church choirs, and co-founding Tucson Junior Strings.

Our home was always filled with music, whether it be his piano playing, symphonic recordings, broadcasts of opera on Live From The Met, or the hundreds of piano lessons given over the years. Many a student sat at the keys of his 1963 Yamaha Grand piano, which now sits in my living room and keeps him close.

Thanks, Dad for giving us all an appreciation for music.

2 thoughts on “And the music plays on …

  1. Nicely said, Martha.
    My father loved music as well. Classical and Jazz. All day long we heard classical music throughout the house and at night he would switch to Jazz for the cocktail hour…


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