Colorado Whitewater Rafting

I’ve been remiss on posting to my blog – not because I didn’t have anything to post, but rather, because I’m off on vacation having fun doing things like rafting in the whitewater of rivers in Colorado.

We had planned a longer rafting trip closer to Estes Park, Colorado, but the wildfires spoiled those plans. Luckily, our rafting tour company, Liquid Descent, was able to get us on a two-hour trip farther down the river. So here is a photo not by me, but rather, one in which I am in, rafting on Cedar Creek, near Idaho Springs, Colorado. I’d love to give the photographer a photo credit, but the disc of images I puchased included full usage rights, but gave no photo credit.

Hope you all are having fun summertime adventures too! If you ever get the chance to go whitewater rafting, take it!

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