Water Reliability in Tucson

Yesterday engineers, Tucson Water executives and Tucson dignitaries gathered to break ground for the new Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Water Treatment Facility. It will sit adjacent to the existing Tucson Water TARP facility on west Irvington Rd, just west of I-19.

The plant will cost about $15 million and be operational by the fall of 2013. Malcolm Pirnie is in charge of planning and design and PCL Construction will build it. The AOP is a pro-active investment in Tucson’s water reliability and well-worth the price tag.

The process uses a combination of UV light with hydrogen peroxide to create a strong oxidant removing 1,4-dioxane (used as a stabilizer in industrial solvents from the 1940’s through ’70’s in aircraft manufacturing facilities) and other constituents from the water.

Our water meets all federal standards, but a 2011 advisory from the EPA to all water utilities in the country lowered the guideline of 1,4-dioxane from three parts per billion to .35 parts per billion. The AOP and TARP facilities will purify eight million gallons of water daily for use in the Tucson community.

For more information on what Tucson Water is doing , visit www.cityoftucson.gov/water

Photo copyright Martha Lochert


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