Flash-Flood Dangers

The monsoon is here and it reminds me of a photo I did for a public service announcement (PSA) six years ago. The piece was about flood water rescue and how important it is to stay out of washes during the monsoon, as it is possible for ten-foot walls of water to appear out of nowhere and catch a person off-guard, sweeping them to their death. I don’t have the finished printed piece, but this is the photo used.

This little girl was a model and she is just fine, but the photo is a powerful visual reminder of the dangers present at this time of year.

The firefighter was not a model. He knows all too well how horrible it is to get a rescue call for someone swept away by the power of the storm waters.

Please be respectful of the power of water and  flash-floods. Stay out of what normally are dry riverbeds and be extra attentive to small children. Don’t let the fact that there is no storm present where you are fool you into thinking you are safe. If a huge storm occurs miles down the way, the water has to go somewhere and it will find its way to you.

I’ve seen the normally dry Rillito River fill from bank to bank in a matter of seconds. It is amazing and rather unbelievable to witness. In my experience, the water appeared so quickly that I did not have time to grab the camera I had sitting right next to me in the car and get to the river bank in time to capture the wall of water that changed a bone-dry sandy riverbed into a raging river before my eyes.

Please be safe.


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