Golf – For the Love of Children

Yesterday was the 14th annual Tee Up For Tots (TUFT) golf tournament, which raises money for pediatric cancer research.

Golfers on both the front and back nine of Omni Tucson National Golf Resort spent the morning playing 18 holes, then coming in for a fantastic “19th hole” lunch party, at which time it was announced that money raised over the years for doctoral fellows education and research has finally resulted in a vaccine for neuroblastoma, the most aggressive of pediatric cancers, which will be going into phase one clinical trials by the end of this year.

The vaccine also has the potential to treat other solid mass tumors such as breast cancer and colon cancer, so this is a huge breakthrough and very big news!

The vaccine will not prevent cancer from occurring, but it will prevent it from recurring by using chaperone proteins to boost the immune system, preventing recurrence of the cancer cells .

Dr. Emmanuel Katsanis at University Medical Center heads up the research and describes the vaccine in more detail on a KUAT-TV interview recently aired.

Please view the YouTube video link for more information.


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