Susan Kliewer

If you find yourself in the beautiful red-rock community of Sedona, Arizona, south of Flagstaff, take the time to find the Mountain Trails Galleries ( upstairs in Tlaquepaque.

If you are lucky, you will be able to watch the award-winning sculptor Susan Kliewer working on a clay sculpture that will eventually be cast in bronze using the lost-wax process. She spends about half of her time at the gallery, where she has been working since about 1984,  and half at her home studio.

Having worked in a foundry for eight years before producing her own work, she obtained a thorough understanding of the process of casting before ever creating a sculpture of her own.

Kliewer produces about three sculpture per year in limited editions of twenty-five to thirty-five. Some pieces are small and others are monumental, as is the ten-foot high bronze of the town’s namesake Sedona Schnebly, which sits outside the public library. The bronze shown here is also of Sedona Schnebly, but it is smaller and on display in the courtyard below the gallery in Tlaquepaque.

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