Motorists: Please Stop Behind the Bike Boxes!


Tucson is implementing some new road markings to aid in keeping our cyclists safe while sharing the roads with automobiles.

The lime green areas painted near intersections are called “bike boxes.” They are for bicyclists to use when stopping at an intersection, but not for cars to use. These boxes will allow the bicycles to move through the intersection first and avoid being cut off by motorists making right turns in front of them.

Please be aware of and follow the new plan and keep our cyclists safe. Cars should never stop within the bike boxes, even if there are no bicycles present. Always stop behind the back white line of the bike box, as shown in this photograph. Thank you.


Image copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert.

One thought on “Motorists: Please Stop Behind the Bike Boxes!

  1. They have those boxes here in Melbourne, doesn’t make much difference, cars just stop on top of them. My husband, who is a cyclist, makes a point of going around the car and stopping in front of the cars.


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