Raising Money for Pediatric Cancer Research


Yesterday was  the fifteenth annual Tee Up For Tots Golf Tournament, which raises money for pediatric cancer research at Steele Children’s Research Center and Diamond Children’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.

Every year since the very first tournament,  I have donated my photography services and my friend Dave Sitton has given his time as the master of ceremonies for the pre and post events.

Dave passed away unexpectedly a week and a half ago and I missed having him there yesterday, as did everyone involved in the event.

Dave waged war on his own battle with cancer eight years ago and won, but there are so many children who don’t win their battles. They need our help in whatever way we can give it, whether that be monetarily, in-kind, volunteering in family assistance programs or at the hospitals.

We can help those in treatment and those yet to be diagnosed by supporting the efforts of such groups as Tee Up For Tots.


To date, their fundraising efforts (in addition to creating a family assistance program) educated seven doctoral fellows at Steele Children’s Research Center at the University of Arizona who received their advanced educations and entered the world of pediatric cancer research to one day eradicate this horrific disease.

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