Animal-Related Service Day


My city of Tucson, Arizona was once home to the Guinness World Records Tallest Dog, a Great Dane named Giant George. Over the years I had the pleasure of photographing him on two occasions – the first time for general publicity purposes when his owner, Dave Nasser, was originally preparing his application with Guinness, and the second time to create images to go on the front and back cover of the original release of his book, which first came out in Great Britain. The photograph shown here was from that original session.

Giant George passed on October 17, a month shy of this day, which would have been his eighth birthday.

In tribute to him, today is a day of service. Animal lovers are asked to dedicate part of this day volunteering in some animal-related service. Local pet agencies include the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Pima Animal Care Center, Hermitage Cat Shelter, Azmira, and Gabriel’s Angels (a program of pet therapy for at-risk children), and Arizona Border Collie Rescue, but no matter where you are, there are animal organizations which could use your help.


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Local agencies:

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