The Stuff We Learned in Grade School Came In Handy In Our Fifties …

Hopefully everyone knows to never look directly at the sun, even during an eclipse. We had about a 45% solar eclipse here this afternoon and decided to protect our eyesight and have some fun being able to see it. Did you ever make a pinhole camera in elementary school? We made a small, precise hole in […]

Save the Boobs; Save the Lives

We’re nearing the end of breast cancer awareness month. Get those mammograms scheduled, ladies. And men, don’t forget that breast cancer is NOT just a women’s issue; men get breast cancer too. Locals, put March 22, 2015 on your calendars for Tucson’s next Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure – raising money for breast cancer […]

Spray the Photographer!

A few days ago I photographed the award breakfast for the employees of El Rio Healthcare in Tucson. A normal award breakfast photography job would entail capturing candid photos of the attendees during the breakfast, followed by photos of the speakers on stage during the program, presenting plaques to the award recipients and few more candid photographs at […]


I know there is a long-standing debate (which will never be resolved) about whether a dog or a cat is “better” or more desirable as a pet. I would be on the side of the dog-lovers if the discussion was strictly about unending love, affection and loyalty, but I also find cats fascinating. Some cats are quite […]