Spray the Photographer!


A few days ago I photographed the award breakfast for the employees of El Rio Healthcare in Tucson.

A normal award breakfast photography job would entail capturing candid photos of the attendees during the breakfast, followed by photos of the speakers on stage during the program, presenting plaques to the award recipients and few more candid photographs at the close of the event. All pretty cut and dry – nothing exciting or out of the ordinary – create photographs for a couple of hours and leave.

This was not one of those normal breakfasts; there is nothing dry or ordinary about this bunch of lively folks.

I’m glad I was not on the clean-up crew after their event! My guess is that of the 100 or so tables of attendees, at least 50 of them were ready for battle with 10 cans of silly string (that’s 500 cans!) When the event concluded and the room cleared, it was a disaster zone.

Why all the silly string? Because these people like celebration. Each honoree was doused in silly string when their name was called.  As you can see, even I received a bit of that fun too!


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