Saving a Family Treasure


The before and after photos on a restoration project I recently completed, which made an 85-year-old woman extremely happy in the wake of the only existing copy of her grandfather’s portrait falling off the wall.

In addition to the frame and glass smashing, at some earlier time moisture got under the glass, sticking the photograph to it. The depth of the remaining glass attached to the photo made scanning out of the question, as I would not be able to get a tight alignment of the print on the scanner bed. So I photographed the damaged photograph, then took that file and worked with it in Photoshop.

I resisted the temptation to add in a real tie, while I was at it, as that would look better, but ruin the integrity of the original.

Devastated as she was that the damage occurred,  elation was the reaction towards the end product on what she thought was a lost cause.

So glad I could bring her such joy and preserve a visual connection for her children and grandchildren to their heritage.

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