Zoran, the Great


This is Zoran Stilin, Croatian-born cellist and master Luthier (maker of stringed instruments) who lives in Tucson.

He studied at the Music Academy of Zagreb in Croatia, then in Switzerland before arriving in Tucson to study under Gordon Epperson and Peter Rejto at the University of Arizona. He plays in the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, chamber groups, does solo work and runs Zoran’s Violin Shop.


He is a prize-winner of the former Yugoslavian National Cello Competition and has been awarded the Bob Wallace Memorial Award from the Violin Makers Association of Arizona International, which is their highest honor. As a Luthier, he builds violins, violas, cellos and bows.

It was a pleasure to have my studio filled with the luscious tones of his cello as he played during his photo session.

Photo registered with US Library of Congress. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert.


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