The Cattle Have a Church


This 200′ sandstone column is called Church Rock. It sits just off US Route 191 near Monticello in southeastern Utah.

As the lore goes, in the 1930’s Maria Ogden and her Utopian community Home of Truth had plans to chisel out the entire center of this rock to create a church. They got as far as a 16×24′ opening (the small dark area seen at the bottom of this photograph) and gave up. A few remnants of their community (a few buildings and a cemetery) can be seen not far from this on a ridge called Photograph Gap.

In actuality, the opening was dynamited and cut out of the stone during the late 1940’s by Claude Young to store salt licks and feed for the cattle on his ranch. The rock is still owned by the Young family.

Image copyrighted. Any use requires licensing from Martha Lochert

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