Jane Lynch


About a week-and-a-half ago I photographed the annual Hillel Foundation fundraising concert on the campus of the University of Arizona. I have done this for at least the last sixteen years and it is always entertaining, even though I am working.

This year Jane Lynch was the headliner and she was fantastic. She is such a performer and entertainer; funny, talented singer and has great stage presence. She was equally comfortable in front of an audience and in speaking one-on-one, as I did with her backstage.

The singing was great, the backing band was terrific and the jokes were funny. Backing her was the Tony Guerrero Quintet and sharing the spotlight in song and comedy was vocal arranger for Glee, Tim Davis (who grew up as a neighbor to our north, in Flagstaff, AZ) and actress from The Office, Kate Flannery – both shown here with Jane.

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