Blood Moon


This morning those of us up at 4:58 am PST had the treat of seeing the lunar eclipse. Though the coloration lasted a bit longer, the actual time the moon, earth and sun were in alignment (in “syzygy”) was just under 5 minutes – that’s the shortest of the century.

I threw my Canon 5d Mk III on a tripod, set the ISO to 800, my 70-200mmL 2.8 lens to 200mm, shutter to 1/6 sec. and aperture to f2.8 to capture the image posted here. It’s a bit grittier than I would like, but that’s OK. A longer lens (which I didn’t have) would be better, as would a lower ISO (which I chose not to use).

A lower ISO would have made a cleaner image, but lengthen the exposure time, increasing the chance for recording movement of the moon (translation: a blurry image).

Why does it look red? From the sunlight of all the sunrises and sunsets occurring at any given time that has bent through the earth’s atmosphere.

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