New Parking Payment Options Via Go Tucson


Yesterday I spent mid-day on University Blvd. and Congress St. in 104 degrees photographing the new parking meters being put in by Park Tucson (formerly named Park Wise). The photographs are for a promotional campaign to get the word out that there are now numerous choices in paying the meter.

In addition to the traditional coin payment, the 1500 new meters will all have the additional options of debit and credit card payment, as well as payment through a new app installed via the App Store or Google Play onto cell phones and tablets.

The new app, called Go Tucson, will keep a log of your parking payments, let you know if you are attempting to pay at a time when parking is free, allow you to set up a “prepaid wallet” from which you draw down your balance, and even send push notifications to remind you when your time is about to expire on the meter, so you don’t get a ticket! You can also pay for a Sun Tran fare through the app.

Use of the app will add 25 cents onto the parking fee per use, but perhaps the prepaid option will just be a one-time charge when you apply whatever amount of prepayment desired. I’m not clear on that.

By the way,  the meters on the University of Arizona campus and areas nearby, like Main Gate on University Blvd. are switching from free parking on the weekends to seven-days-per-week 8 am to 5 pm enforcement, so be forewarned! Meters in downtown stay at Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm enforcement and new meters are being added for the first time on 4th Avenue, as part of the 1500 “smart meters” being installed.

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Photo copyright Martha Lochert.


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