Briar Patch Inn – Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona




Photo by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert.


Photo by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert.

Need an escape from work, from the city, from cell phones, from email, from Facebook and from technology in general? The Briar Patch Inn on the banks of Oak Creek in Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, Arizona is where I would suggest you go.

It is a charming family owned property with free-standing casitas where the guest stay, a private outdoor massage area placed next to the calming waters of Oak Creek, rustic outdoor dining tables next to the creek, walking paths around the grounds and down to the creek, a few sheep grazing in the grass areas of the property, and a main building that houses the office, a small gift shop with quality Native American jewelry and mindfully chosen other products, a cozy mountain lodge with reading materials, board games and stone fireplace, and tables to eat the wholesome hot breakfast and mid-afternoon homemade baked goods they offer daily as part of their bed and breakfast service.

As soon as you open the door, the smell of warm spiced cider and wood burning in the fireplace mixed with the almost tangible peace and tranquility in the air lets you know you’ll be leaving there rested and rejuvenated.

What you won’t have are telephones in the guest rooms, wifi or even wired internet connection (except for limited service in the main building) or cookie-cutter corporate-looking rooms furnished with laminate-covered particle board furniture and stock artwork.  The casitas are outfitted with rugged Mexican or mountain cabin-style furnishings and Native American art that you won’t find in a hospitality chain. This place is an oasis, designed as a respite from the faced-paced technology-driven life in which we normally take part. Some casitas have kitchenettes, so if if you bring your own food for dinners, once here, you won’t ever need to leave the property. Certain celebrities stay here repeatedly because of the secluded and slow-paced setting.

I’ve stayed here three times and will be back again. It’s not inexpensive, but it is worth every penny.


Photo by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert.



Sheep calmly keep the grass mowed on the property.

Photo by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert. Photo by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert. Photo by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert.

Some of the casitas sit right next to Oak Creek.

Photo by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert.

Tranquil footpath from the casitas down to the creek



Photo by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert.Oak Creek photographed by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert.

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  1. Oh Martha, you’ve sold me on this place! Lovely photos and a great description of what to expect there. Ah, looks so peaceful. 🙂

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    • It is super peaceful. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and hope you get there some time. The website for Briar Patch Inn has a drawing of the site layout, so you can choose one of the casitas next to the creek, though all are charming. Personally, I like being as close to the water as possible!


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