Church Rock. I Could Pray Here …



This is Church Rock in the Navajo Nation off  US-160 west of Kayenta in northern Arizona. (36°44’02.9″N 110°07’07.1″W)

I think it is aptly named.


Reverence  noun rev·er·ence \ˈrev-rən(t)s, ˈre-və-; ˈre-vərn(t)s\ :honor or respect felt or shown :  deference; especially :  profound adoring awed respect

I felt that here.

Though just off the highway, there is very little traffic at dusk. It is a very silent and meditative place after the harshness of the daylight hours have passed.

I could not help but contemplate the majesty and grandeur of nature as I sat in the silence and observed the changing patterns and colors of light over these ancient rocks.

Humans do not dominate this land. The self-importance of mankind is laughable in a place like this. We think we are in charge. We create derision, strife, division, wars to control resources and build political power and all the while, being inharmonious with our fellow man and with nature. We ruin that which we were given stewardship during the blink of an eye in which we live, while the land, these monoliths and plateaus carry on despite our lack of reverence.


Image copyrighted. Use requires licensing from Martha Lochert

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