Post-Election Beauty Moment

Rose by Tucson photographer Martha Lochert

This election has been ugly and divisive. Others have been. Others will be.

Social media allowed everyone to be a campaigner and push their opinions, and mis-information, which made it all the more ugly. Certain individuals felt they could somehow sway their “friends” by name calling, and basically, insulting their intelligence. Others voiced their opinions from a much more mature position of civil discourse. Most kept out of it all together, realizing their opinion was their own and it was up to each voter to get the facts, not from them on Facebook, as though they were the bearer of all knowledge. Social media has given a voice to would-be reporters who have no credibility. Opinions are not facts.

I will not comment on what the results of this election mean – from one perspective or the other. I just know that part of this country is in shock, another elated and a third didn’t like any of their options, but voted what they felt was the lesser of two evils.

All need to come to center and be examples to the world of how, in this country, we will defend each others right to differing opinions, though they be vastly opposing our own.

So I will just post this: a rose – perfect in the harmony of its design, uplifting in its beauty, neutral in its reality.

A rose – because this nation needs a moment of simple beauty, purity and harmony …

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