Filter Broken / Thankfully, Lens OK

I sometimes give private photo instruction or teach classes on mastering one’s camera and on photo composition. One thing that comes up in every class is my instruction to get protective filters on their lenses. It’s much easier and cheaper to unscrew a scratched or broken filter than to buy an entirely new lens. I give that instruction knowing that it’s easy to get fingerprints on a lens or have a twig hit the lens surface while out doing macro landscape photography.

Well, last night I arrived at a gala event, opened the camera bag I had just prepped a half-hour earlier, removed the lens cap on my wide-angle lens and shocked to see my filter smashed. Here it is as I discovered it. Horrifying!

For a split-second I thought it was my lens, not the filter.

The lens was perfectly fine when I put it in the bag, but a pressure stress on the glass filter shattered it in transit, when the end of another lens pushed into the cap of this one. Luckily the broken shards did not scratch the lens surface and I was able to remove the filter, carefully clean the lens surface and start my job!

Filter broken, thrown away and new one ordered; lens is fine. 🙂



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